About ZMG
  • Founded in 1999 by Zoran Trifkovic, Prof. Dr. Ueli Maurer [ETH Zurich], Gérard Klop, Jeroen Pliester, Karl Kleiber
  • Independent [equity held privately]
  • Offers consultancy & implementation services with a focus on:
    • marketing and sales
    • procurement and supply chains
    • business technology
  • Manages ventures: ZMG has developed and does operate different ventures in high tech, multi-media, trading and construction industry
  • Profound branch experiences in high tech, construction, ship building, mining, energy, finance, logistics, health care - engagements for large multinationals to mid-sized companies
  • All professionals have 10+ years experience in different industries and consultancy - many of them held senior positions in the industries - all have MEc, or MSc degree combined with MBA
  • ZMG has its headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland and employs people worldwide