High Tech Start-Up
Development of the Vision-Mission statements. Development of the business strategy, business planning, set up of strategic partnerships with leading market players. Successfull fund raising (USD 20m) for the growth phase.
Government of an Asian Country
Technology Park Setup: Advising local authorities, University and local IT companies regarding development of the IT industry, with the intention to attract foreign customers and investors.

E-Business Service Provider
Portfolio definition for strategic portfolio elements: Launch of new managed hosting services; Re-launch of the payment- and e-shop solution platform; Introduction of enterprise selling solutions; New strategic e-business services and products

Electricity Industry Association
Feasibility Study for the association of electricity producers and distributors: Analysis of diversification possibilities for the electricity industry to enter into the telecommunication business. Based on the outcome the association has decided to develop a detailed business analysis and a possible business plan for selected members to enter into the telecommunication market.

Galvanisation Firm
Venture management: Estimating business opportunities in Eastern Europe, search for take-over candidates, development of a business plan, realisation of the take-over and implementation support.

Search and development of new business models for a leading insurance company

Internet Service Provider
Developing a methodology for valuation and acquisition of selected Internet service providers and search for potential acquisition candidates, business valuation, negotiation and realisation of the take over. Take over of several small to medium sized companies

Payment Services Company
Business Analysis, Business Planning: Modernisation of the national payment system, i.e. search and recommendation of new strategic business units, business analysis, business planning for a company which operates the interbank clearing system for the banking community. Determining the functional requirements and technical concepts. Planning the realisation.

Post Organisation
Business Strategy Development and Implementation. Introducing a modern contact center organisation in the region and marketing CC-Services to third parties.

Venture Management: In the context of setting up a Bank with a local post organisation and top level networking (government, investors from the USA and NL) different meetings with the key players have been coordinated. Feasibility study on strategic service portfolio of the future bank.

Telecom Company
Venture Management: Within the context of the planned asset transfer from the shareholder companies to their joint venture a transparent methodology had to be developed and accepted for determining the added value for the shareholders.