International Bank
Support in developing and implementing direct marketing strategies in Eastern Europe, based on new technologies, such as GSM SMS and MMS.
Media Group
Support in developing and implementing the direct marketing strategy in one country in Eastern Europe. The solution is based on GSM technology.
Telecom Company, Wholesale Division
Mobilisation of the relevant skills and resources to meet the challenging revenue and profitability goals. In a series of workshop the unique Wholesale Account Management formula has been developed and implemented.

Telecom Company, Wholesale Division
Development and introduction of a value based pricing model as a basis for introducing new wholesale services. Additional revenue generation due to increased customer acceptance

Telecom Company , Multinational Customers Division
Introducing account management at an important national carrier. A project consisting of several programmes, designed to mobilise a critical mass of the company's staff (over 300) in order to face emerging market challenges.

Telecom Company
Market research and consolidation of results as a basis for strategic management decisions on marketing (marketing mix), strategic portfolio elements and operations strategy.
The project has resulted in the entrance of the company into the business market segment and a strategic service portfolio for business customers.