Business Technology
Central Bank
Feasibility Study on new, national payment system. Analysis of the existing payment processes and recommendations regarding automating the clearing process between commercial banks, with the intention of the national bank to gain better transparency and control of the netting process.

International Bank
IT strategy development and decisions, including: Cost benefit analysis of IT/Telecom platforms; service level management and -agreement with strategic suppliers; analysis of the potential benefits of the new technology and the impacts of digital economy on the business paradigm.

International Bank
Project management and technical support for the introduction of a new contact centre infrastructure. A new contact centre with over 500 positions in production.

International Bank
Project Management Support for Important IT/Telecom projects: Migration of the client platform and application to a mainstream platform; Management and support of a dealing and information facility; Implementations of an Internet/Extranet infrastructure

IT Company
Feasibility study on Management Buy-Out possibilities concerning a large organisational unit (1000 people), including recommendation to the management and the action plan development.

IT Company, R & D Department
Integrative cross-functional workshops for facilitating the management of the R & D portfolio.

Telecom Company
Identification and review of core competencies in the area of LAN- and PABX management with the intention to integrate selected national organisational units into the international organisation.

Internet Service Provider
Business Processes: After deciding to extend its business to new market segments, the company had to adapt and align its organisational structure and processes. In this context the customer has been supported in defining and implementing the relevant organisational units and business processes, such as customer care, product management and information security for B2B.