Global Finance Industry Service Provider
Development and implementation of ICT services sourcing strategies with the aim of efficiency improvement. Outcome: substantial, sustainable cost savings have been achieved.
International Bank
Within the context of streamlining the global procurement organisations strategy development and implementation of a “Global Sourcing Non-IT” strategy.

International Bank
Feasibility study, tendering and outsourcing catering services.

High Tech Firm
A global provider of test and measurement systems for the telecom industry. Within the context of streamlining its software development unit, a feasibility study has been conducted to outsource the software maintenance to Eastern Europe.

Payment Services Company
Cost Analysis and Streamlining of the IT Department, which operates the Interbank Clearing System for the National Bank and provides IT services to the banking community. Preparation of “make or buy” decisions (outsourcing) in the area of IT operations.

Telecom Company
Based on the initial business and transformation plan and within the context of the planned privatisation the client was investing about € 100 million within two years. The client has been supported in realising the planned investments. This includes: reviewing the procurement plan, the tender documentation and providing support in the evaluation and project implementation and control of the individual projects. In addition the organisation and the processes of the Project Implementation Unit has been reviewed and streamlined.
Transportation Firm
Reduction of ICT Spend - Telecom Cost Audit
Transportation Firm
Support in evaluation of operating alternatives (make or buy, and evaluation of different sourcing proposals) of the IT infrastructure, including benchmarking and contracting and negotiation with the selected sourcing partner.

Trading Company
Supply Chain Management: A Swiss-German trading company, which is selling into different markets of European Union and Switzerland has been searching for strategic producers of constructing goods in Eastern Europe. The client has been supported in identifying potential partner companies in Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia and Romania.