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1412Arbeitsbedingungen und Berichterstattungsfreiheit in journalistischen Organisationen

Der Mediensektor durchläuft einen fundamentalen Wandlungsprozess: Aufgrund von Finanzierungs- problemen stehen bei traditionellen Medien für Journalismus nur noch in beschränkterem Umfang Ressourcen zur Verfügung. Als potenzielle Lösung für diese sogenannte Medienkrise wird vermehrt eine Medien- oder Journalismusförderung ins Spiel gebracht.

Eine Studie von Manuel Puppis, Philomen Schönhagen, Silke Fürst, Brigitte Hofstetter & Mike Meissner, Universität Freiburg, Departement für Kommunikationswissenschaft und Medienforschung DCM, 2014

1312Telekom Rating 2013The telecom rating has been initiated by TUG (the Telecom User Group) in 2000. The 2013 findings have been published in December 2013 (Source BILANZ, German).
1112The Power Trading Agent Competition
This is the specification for the Power Trading Agent Competition for 2012 (Power TAC 2012). Power TAC is a competitive simulation that models a “liberalized” retail electrical energy market, where competing business entities or “brokers” offer energy services to customers through tariff contracts, and must then serve those customers by trading in a wholesale market.

The simulation environment models a wholesale market, a regulated distribution utility, and a population of energy customers, situated in a real location on Earth during a specific period for which weather data is available. A document from John Collins, Wolfgang Ketter et al.; Source: ERIM Report Series Research in Management

1104Customer Centric Marketing
Decision management and predictive analytics offer organisations the ability to move beyond reactive decisions to anticipate which actions are most likely to create successful outcomes in the future.
This article describes the features of Prospero, a unique business suite which enables companies to efficiently optimise their CRM and improve marketing and sales effectiveness. Prospero sets new market benchmarks regarding decision management and business analytics, particularly data mining total cost of ownership (TCO) and the quality of results (highest hit rates and lowest error rates) - article in German.
1103Flexible Decision Support in Dynamic Interorganizational Networks
An effective Decision Support System (DSS) should help its users improve decision-making in complex, information-rich, environments. The article presents a feature gap analysis that shows that current decision support technologies lack important qualities for a new generation of agile business models that require easy, temporary integration across organisational boundaries.
A white paper from John Collins, Wolfgang Ketter, and Maria Gini; Source: ERIM Report Series Research in Management
1010Fernmeldestatistik 2009, Schweiz
Tentative official telecommunication statistics, Switzerland, 2009;
Source: Federal Communications Commission, ComCom
0902Telecom Market Switzerland, 2008
Official telecommunication statistics, Switzerland, 2008;
Source: Federal Office of Communications, OFCOM
0901Social Computing Enables Organizational Growth and Innovation
A white paper on SBNi from Roger Nagel, Steven Goldman, and Brian D. Davison from the Lehigh University, Bethlehem PA USA.
This white paper is a first step in an evolving multidisciplinary research project at Lehigh University, a project whose goal is identifying the value for business competitiveness of digital social networking. This white paper reflects the thinking of over two hundred participants in various organizations.
0802Smart Business Networks
Smart business networks are much more than a promising new approach to outsourcing.

This article by Eric van Heck and Peter Ververst describes how to realise scenarios in which business is conducted through a rapidly formed network with anyone, anywhere, anytime regardless of different computer systems and business processes.

ZMG is the Swiss representative of the Smart Business Network Initiative.
0801Smarter, no harder
Companies should get smart about business networks to harvest real competitive advantage.
0701IT Outsourcing - White Paper
The arguments for IT Outsourcing [ITO] are compelling. In particular it provides a range of opportunities for financial engineering with a usual goal of cost reduction and containment [the most stated reason for outsourcing by ‘blue chip’ companies].

This article summarises the relevant aspects of outsourcing and drafts an approach to set up complex outsourcing projects.
0603Transparenz bei
Telekomtarifen - White Paper
Telecommunications is a large and poorly controlled expense for many companies. The increased competition among infrastructure and service providers has positive effects on the prices.

However, most of the service providers hide the real service price (per unit) behind complex and intransparent pricing models. This article provides an example on how to calculate the real voice tariffs (German).
0602IT Strategy Creation and
Implementation - White Paper
IT Strategy Creation is about "organising" - ensuring success with customers by determining and organising the essential linked changes in: people, processes, platforms and portfolio of services.

How can we avoid the typical pitfalls of strategy creation, i.e. how do we avoid the typical consultant exercise, where we produce a lot of brilliant ideas (and paper), but we forget (intentionally, or not) to mobilise the people who is supposed to implement the strategy – the key question is "How do we make our strategy work?"!
Telekommarkt Schweiz
While our economy indicates improvements, global competition and rising energy prices are keeping companies focused on controlling costs and streamlining internal processes. Telecommunications is a large and poorly controlled expense for many companies.

Exploding profits from leading telecom companies on the other hand indicate that there is substantial potential for price reductions. However up to 2003 the telecom prices have been very stable.

This article from BAKOM provides an insight into the price development between 1998 and 2003 (German).
0502Telekom Rating 2005
The telecom rating has been initiated by the Telecom User Group in 2000. The 2005 findings have been published in September 2005 (Source BILANZ, German).
0501OutsourcingTelecommunication Services
Consolidated outcome from different outsourcing projects. The key message is that substantial cost savings can be gained by outsourcing the provision of telecommunication services (voice) to a selected partner.
To learn more about this please contact ZMG.
0403The eBusiness Benchmark
A study on e-business experience of different industry leaders. How do companies look at their eBusiness initiatives and what are their expectations for the future.
To learn more about this please contact ZMG.
0402Dark Fibre and Bandwidth Pricing
Research on dark fibre and bandwidth pricing in Switzerland Significant price differences on dark fibre and bandwidth services have been found for selected providers and services.

To learn more about this please contact ZMG.
0401Telekom Rating 2004
Business as usual in the Swiss telecom market? Not at all! There are some surprises in the fifth telecom rating. Quality as the Swisscom argument for high price policy is at question.