Call Center Platform

All the advantages of a modern contact center without any investments and fixed costs. Everything you need is ready.

Whether you're an individual calling many contacts from a list or a large call center with hundreds of seats – STUCC, a web browser and 3 minutes of your time is all it takes to jump-start your campaign.

Call Center from the cloud

With STUCC, your browser instantly becomes a fully functional outbound call center:

  • intuitive user interface
  • powerful predictive dialer with inbound call blending
  • support for small ad-hoc campaigns as well as large multi-step campaigns with millions of contacts

Easy to handle

No software installation. No servers. No phone lines.
Powerful templates let you create your new campaign in minutes.
Use STUCC on any number of seats. No limit.
Customize any aspect of your campaign – even without coding.

Low Price

Pay only for phone connection minutes at extremely competitive rates.
No extra charges for software usage – even for advanced features.
No monthly fees. No minimum fees.
No setup charges.

STUCC puts the Power in Your Hands

While it's very easy to get started with STUCC, some campaigns are more complex than others and this is why STUCC has a wide range of advanced features that put you in control.


Register your own phone numbers and use them for both outbound and inbound calling

Arrange the agent screen and add any number of custom fields

Build multi-step campaigns that go far beyond phone calls

Create custom reports to gain more insight into your campaign

Update contact data on the fly

Developers can access various REST APIs and use JavaScript in almost every module for even deeper integration

All features are immediately available to you and at no extra charge. Should you ever get stuck, contact us. We will support you – efficiently and free of charge.


Outbound Calling

Choice of preview or predictive dialer depending on your campaign

Multi Step Campaigns

Automated campaign data flows comprising multiple steps

Call Monitoring & Reporting

Live listening to ongoing calls and on-demand recording

Inbound Call Handling

Seamless blending of inbound calls with outbound campaigns 

Real Time Analytics

Pre-defined and on-the-fly reports, available at any time

Reliability & Security

Highly scalable cloud solution with secure data and voice encryption


Unlimited number of data fields and fully customizable agent screen


Easy data import and export, as well as API automation


Support for sub-contracting call centers – share campaig tasks
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