Call Modes

    Outbound calling

    In STUCC you can choose between Predictive dialing and Preview dialing. And a lot more..

    Set call limitations, prioritise by searchable fields and decide whether freshly imported contacts should be prioritized over contacts, where a call attempt has already been made. To configure this for your "Call" task, go to "Tasks", select your "Call task" in question and scroll to the "Dialer settings" section.

    Inbound calling

    There are 3 types of inbound calls

    • New customer calls
    • Customer callbacks
    • Service calls

    New customer calls

    These kind of calls are typically customers calling a "hotline number" linked to an inbound campaign.

    To set this up in STUCC create a New contact task and link it to your hotline. Then assign the agents to this task via the permissions column in the task overview.

    Agents will see the Inbound task inside the Call area. Once a call comes in, they are notified and can respond to it. At that point an empty customer record opens.

    Note: When an agent has the STUCC Call area open, but is not actively viewing the STUCC browser tab, because he is for instance working on different non-call related tasks, a desktop notification will alert them of an incoming call. The agent always has to actively accept the call.

    Customer callbacks

    To support customer callbacks configure a caller id and link it to your outbound call task.

    When contacts call back the Caller ID of an Outbound call, STUCC will check if the contact is currently in an outbound call task. If so, then it will route the incoming call back to the Outbound call task. The agent therefore experiences this Inbound call almost as an Outbound call. The only difference is the connection sound to enable the agent to distinguish the rebound from a true outbound call. If the contact is no longer in an Outbound call then the rebound will be treated in the same way as a Service call.

    Service calls

    Service calls are inbound calls to a number, which you have registered and verified in STUCC and to which you assigned specific agents. They are not linked to a campaign task and therefore no agent form will be displayed upon connect. The incoming call is placed in the "service" queue of the phone line and is signalled to all agents assigned to that phone line. Agents linked to service numbers, can search for the contact inside STUCC. To do this he must click the icon.

    Note: Once a contact has been found, its information is only editable if he is currently part of a campaign task for which the inbound flag was enabled. Note: Only fields marked as searchable inside the campaign form, are searchable.

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